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Reference: 01514
€5.42 (tax incl.)
Practical aid To turn off the acoustic signal of safety passports, the indent can be used in those cases when it is not necessary to turn on the seat belts. The indent is simply tucked into the safety belt stop and...
Reference: 02232
€5.89 (tax incl.)
Do you often ride a car together with your four-legged valentine? Makes you keep moving your dog after your car? If so, we have a simple solution to this problem - the dog's seat belt. This safety belt serves to...
Reference: 02229
€6.17 (tax incl.)
Buckle of seat belts prevent the belt in to be worn about the neck. Easy to connect in a vehicle. The belt must always be used correctly and must operate accordingly. Use only to reduce your shoulder pressure. Using...
Reference: 01115
€7.85 (tax incl.)
Organizer to space between front seats and tunnel of the radiation lever. Many drivers have experience that many small things will fit into this space that is the problem then choose. The organizer is a quick simply...
Reference: 03128
€14.83 (tax incl.)
The organizer on the back of the front seat will make traveling with the family easier. Thanks to intuitive fastening, multifunctional pockets, compartments and space for a tablet, it will allow easy access to things...
Reference: 01121
€9.72 (tax incl.)
Organizer to front seat. This organizer serves as a great helper to organize and save various mining and maintenance of order in the vehicle. The organizer is intended to be attached to the back of the front seat. The...