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AMiO Car polishing set 11pcs, disc 80mm, adaptor M14

€11.22 (tax incl.)


8 polishing sponges 80mm + polishing fur + Velcro disc + adapter

A set of polishing sponges and a head with an adapter will polish the varnish in your car, also from those hard to reach places!

The set includes sponges of different hardness and texture which will allow you to carry out all stages of polishing.

The sponges are attached with Velcro to the disk included in the set which you will conveniently install in your drill, screwdriver or polishing device.


Kit features:

  • Set of paint polishing sponges fi 80mm
  • Sponges of different hardness and structure, high polishing effectiveness - the possibility of choosing the optimum sponge for a given task (type of polish used, polishing method, shape of the polished surface, degree of damage/scratching the paint)
  • Hook-and-loop fastening on the included cushioning head
  • Quick and easy mounting of the cushioning head on the drill, screwdriver or polisher with the included universal adapter M14



Each brush has a different shape and size, so each will be suitable for different tasks. If you have a set of bit extensions from your screwdriver, these can also be used to connect our bits to get into those hard to reach places.


Each brush / sponge has a different hardness and thickness and is therefore designed to clean a different type of surface. Below is a list with an example of how each is used

  • Black - soft sponge. It is used for finishing polishing, giving shine and full colour to the varnish.
  • Blue - soft sponge, for finishing polishing. It is irreplaceable for removing the hologram effect created after pre-polishing and glossing, even on dark colours.
  • Red - its structure makes it ideal for working with polishing products of medium abrasive power. Eliminates paint defects and ensures a good finish. It spreads polishing paste, reducing pre-polishing residue.
  • Orange - For use in polishing all painted surfaces. Works perfectly with high gloss varnishes, UV varnishes, mineral materials or acrylic glass. It is ideal for polishing off the effect of so-called orange peel and polishing to high gloss.
  • Orange - is used for application and initial polishing of lacquer. Enhances the abrasive properties of aggressive polishing products.
  • Fur - Especially recommended for elimination of the biggest scratches and defects of the lacquer coating. A characteristic feature of the polishing fur is minimising the risk of overheating the polished element due to excellent heat dissipation during polishing.


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